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The teachers at Smithfield Public School are proud to run a host of extracurricular programs to create interest, enrich student knowledge, strengthen positive values and provide an inclusive environment for all students.


Chess club

Chess is held in the library on Tuesdays at lunchtime. All students are welcome to join. We have a great range in age and ability, and we cater to those who want a serious game, as well as those who are looking for a quick chess puzzle on the laptop. SPS also regularly participates in chess tournaments held by the Sydney Academy of Chess - with impressive results!



Choir is about developing self confidence. We look at getting students to understand the concepts of music by looking at rhythm and beat, as well as lyrics. And getting them to explore the ranges of their voice. Choir is all about harmony and working together to make a complete sound. The choir group perform at the Parks Area Festival, the Combined Schools Festival, and at special assemblies such as Presentation Day.


Coding club

Coding club is held on Thursdays in the library at lunchtime. Students use Scratch 3.0 to learn how to organise commands logically, while simultaneously creating some fun animations, games and artwork. Coding allows students to creatively solve problems using critical thinking and trial and error. The demand for these STEM skills is rapidly increasing. In order for our youth to have a successful future, they'll need to be proficient in these skills.

Students who excel at coding are nominated for the ANSTO Top Coder Competition, where two students each from Year 5 and Year 6 work collaboratively in a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere with coding and robotics coaches. In the Scratch coding competition, students will develop ideas into finished games, animations, art, music, or stories. Students who participate in the Robotics competition will take part in a series of challenges, building their skills and competency in code and construction towards a final battle at the end of the day.


Dance Groups

In order to prepare students for adulthood and responsible citizenship, Smithfield P.S. offers extracurricular activities such as dance and choir designed to facilitate the learning of a wide range of competencies.  Students develop sportsmanship, technical abilities, vocal techniques and understanding of stage presence. These skills are demonstrated in front of an audience at PARKS and Combined Schools festival.


Environmental club

Our Gardening and Environment Club is a group of students committed to sustainability issues and green initiatives. The club serves as a forum for discussion and a source of information on environmental issues, providing opportunities for students to collaborate, showcase, and implement their ideas. The club plays an active role in the care of the school environment and participates in hands-on ‘green’ activities. Currently, we are working on getting a can/bottle collection machine installed on our school grounds with the proceeds going towards additional garden beds, plants and tools for use around the school.


First Lego League

FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology) LEGO League is a competition catering for upper-primary and lower-secondary school students. Every year, teams of up to 10 students build, program/code and compete with a robot, while also learning about a modern problem in science and engineering and developing solutions for it. The entire competition for the year is based around one of these themes: Past themes include natural disasters, senior citizens, food health & safety, climate change, medical science, and nanotechnology. Tournaments are run with the feel of a sporting event, and teams compete like crazy while having the time of their lives. What FIRST LEGO League teams accomplish is nothing short of amazing. Its fun. Its exciting. And the skills they learn will last a lifetime.


Playground Busters

Playground Busters is a program designed to produce good role models on the playground. A team of stage 3 students are trained to recognise both positive and anti-social behaviour, and how to appropriately respond to them. The Playground Busters patrol the playground during break time in order to help fellow students solve issues, bring attention to a teacher, and give playground awards for positive behaviour. 

Having these responsible students on the playground helps teachers already on duty and provides a safe and fun environment for all students.


Public Speaking

Each year, students from each stage have the opportunity to show off their public speaking skills in front of their stage. Winners are entered into a competition for the next level.

Teachers coach the finalists on content, presentation skills, as well as developing impromptu skills.



The Student Representative Council (SRC) comprises of 2 students from each 3-6 class who are voted in at the beginning of the year. They get opportunities to present ideas which are of benefit to all students. The SRC teaches the students how decisions are made and how to achieve changes, which are skills which can be put to use in later life. 

Issues likely to be discussed at SRC meetings are: problems or concerns within and outside the classroom; requests from students; and fundraising events.

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