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All About Apps

This tab is here to help you find apps that are perfectly suited to helping your child learn at home. All of these apps are available for Apple products (iPhones and iPads), however, a large number are also available for Android and other operating systems. Some are free, some have a nominal fee. Download a few and have a go! A lot of them are great fun.
To the side are two seperate tabs: K-2 and 3-6. The apps have been organised in year groups depending on their relevance.
Apps are downloaded from an online shop run by the makers of the phone or tablet's operating system. In the case of the iPhone and iPad, it's simply named the 'App Store'. On Android phones it's the 'Android Market', on Windows Phone the 'Windows Marketplace' and on Nokia phones it's the 'Ovi Store'. These are all accessed by an icon on the device's home screen.

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